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Dear Mr Jones
I thought I would write to say a big ‘thank you’ to you and your team of
fantastic teachers. I attended the Year 7 parents’ evening last Thursday
and am still smiling.
I was fortunate to meet with all of Ethan’s teachers. Each one showed
real enthusiasm and dedication in teaching their chosen subjects. I was
overwhelmed with the amazing comments and feedback that each
teacher gave to Ethan. The comments have filled me with pride.
Since September Ethan has grown in confidence.  Your fantastic team
have inspired him and he has a real desire to learn. He is enjoying every
minute and wants to do well, trying his very best all the time. This shows
in his progress levels, his effort grades and the house points he has
achieved so far.
Both my husband and I have no doubts whatsoever that our choice of
secondary school for Ethan was most definitely the right choice.
Please pass on my gratitude to Ethan’s teachers, I couldn’t have wished for
a more positive beginning to secondary school life for Ethan.
With kind regards,
Mrs Curd
(Written in May of Year 7)
Letter to Headteacher
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