The Hurst Community College Digital Prospectus - page 6

From our numerous House charity fundraising events to our
long-standing Community Day, we are committed to developing
pupils with a strong sense of responsibility towards their school, local
and global communities.
In line with our commitment to a community ethos, every pupil
belongs to a small mixed-age tutor group. This allows for highly
personalised pastoral care and helps build fantastic support networks
across year groups that strengthen our safe, caring and friendly
community. Our strong pastoral care supports and praises to ensure
pupils are happy, positive and respectful.
Pupils are taught leadership, resilience, initiative, organisation and
communication skills to fully prepare them for the competitive world of
work. They willingly take on positions of responsibility throughout school
such as reading ambassadors, peer mentors, PE monitors and prefects.
Committed to
a community ethos
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